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I Built EVERY Minecraft LEGO That Exists

Instagram & Twitter – @ShulkercraftYT
Company e-mail: shulkercraftyt( at)
Tiktok – @Shulkercraft.

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I Bought And Built Every Single Minecraft LEGO Set to Make a Huge Real Life Minecraft LEGO World! All Minecraft LEGO Assembled Was Over 9600 LEGO Bricks in 9 HOURS!
LEGO In This Video:
The Chicken Coop –
Steve BigFig with Parrot –
Completion Battle –
The Pirate Ship Adventure –
The Wool Farm –
The Blaze Bridge –
The Creeper Mine –
Climber BigFig as well as Ocelot –
The Panda Nursery –
The Pillager Outpost –
The Villager Raid –
The Crafting Box 3.0 –
The Taiga Adventure –
The Redstone Battle –
The Coral Reef –
The Bee Farm –
The Abandoned Mine –
The Trading Post –
The Warped Forest –
The First Adventure –
The Pig House –
The Horse Stable –
The Ruined Portal –
The Sky Tower –
The Modern Treehouse –
The Jungle Abomination –